Montag, 19. September 2016

Opening the Visor

Well, I had a problem today.
When I put the mouth piece in I couldn't open the visor any more :S

I build in a little work around which turn out to look cool as well.

To open my helmet, I have to first rotate the mouth piece a bit and then open the helmet. I love it.

Problem now: I have to add stabilisation to the mouth piece. The mouth piece itself should have been exactly that :D

Freitag, 16. September 2016

QSM 2016-19-16

I did a bit more work on my helmet today.

I want the acryl glass visor to be openable and that what I did.

I added two hinges as you can see below and cut out a bit of the wood for it to be openable comfortably.

The weird black stuff you can see in this picture is black PE piping for kables and such. 25 metres are about ten euros. (plus shipping ...) You an get it on ebay and hardware stores.
To connect the wood to the hinge I used spax screws, but let me explain:
You have to be carefull, not just put the screw through the hole and drill it into the wood, you have to drill a hole carefully into the wood first otherwise cheap wood pieces like I use in this picture ruptures.
To drill into the acryl you have to be even more careful. Drill very, very slowly into the glass.
As for the connection between the glas and the hinge I used screws with threads and a cover nut to make it look nice.

The black stuff I bought for the wiring of the electronic part of this whole project but my idea stuck and now I will use it as a connector for the visor as well. It kind of really looks natural and fancy.

Donnerstag, 15. September 2016

Quarian Space Marine

So, I watched a let's play from ChristopherOdd  of Mass Effect 1 and 2 and as most people do, I fell in love with the damn Quarian Space Suit things.

I googled it, obviously, and came about this page:

Fair enough, but I wanted a real helmet, and shoulder pads and metal and everything.
That lead to some problems:

  1. Ventilation
  2. My voice would be muffled (a lot)
  3. I need lights
So fair enough, I ordered some electronics. My dad thankfully has a lot of spare wood laying around and I started building two weeks ago.

I had to start over the helmet at september 13th sadly, I messed up :D

Here is the progress as for now september 15th!
I might add that I totally intend to wear stretch leggins and a gothic vest thing to complete this ;)

I will install the electronic parts when I am done with the rest. I may have to drill some holes though.